Neo4j 3.5.0 Dump after moving to 3.5.0 failing

(Folterj) #1

We've been working with NEO since around 3.4.0, using dump/load to backup/restore our database. After moving from version 3.4.11 to version 3.5.0 (or 3.5.1), I can no longer dump after a load (without making any changes or even running the database).

  • Neo4j version: 3.5.0
  • Operating system: Neo4j Desktop

neo4j-admin load --from=data\db.dump --database=graph.db

neo4j-admin dump --database=graph.db --to=data\db2.dump

command failed: Active logical log detected, this might be a source of inconsistencies.
Please recover database before running the dump.
To perform recovery please start database and perform clean shutdown.

(Irler) #2

Hi, I have the same problem with dump, after migrating from 1.1.10 with 3.4.1 to Desktop 1.1.13 with Version 3.5.0 Enterprise. Before everything always worked (only 117 nodes,116 realtions)
Nowhere I could find a hint how to perform clean shutdown. What am I missing?
Even backup fails with the same db:

../bin/neo4j-admin backup --backup-dir=C:/bak --name=clesius.db-backup --check-consistency=false
2019-01-10 09:53:37.252+0000 INFO [o.n.b.i.BackupOutputMonitor] Start receiving store files
command failed: Failed to run a backup using the available strategies.

What strategy is missing here?

(Folterj) #3

Running Neo4j Desktop version 1.1.15, I note this issue is still present. This affects we basically can't use Neo Desktop for development. Is there any plan to fix this?

(Folterj) #4

For some reason updates were not coming true (on two systems) - after manual uninstall & install, in Neo4j Desktop version 1.1.17 / 3.5.3, dump appears to be working fine again.