Neo.ClientError.Security.Forbidden: Read operations are not allowed for user 'neo4j' with no roles

Hi there,

Neo4J had been working successfully but I had to reinstall it onto a new laptop due to an upgrade and am now getting the following error “Neo.ClientError.Security.Forbidden: Read operations are not allowed for user 'neo4j' with no roles.” When trying to execute the following code;

“LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///LegalEntity.csv" AS csvLine

CREATE (c:Client {LegalEntityID: toInteger(csvLine.LegalEntityID), LegalEntityName: csvLine.LegalEntityName, LegalEntitySubType: csvLine.LegalEntitySubType})”

I am using the following credentials:

Connect URL: bolt://localhost:7687

Username: neo4j

Password: It was neo4j but was asked to create my own after connecting for the first time

Please assist if you are able to.


Is the file in the import directory of Neo4j? By default Neo4j restricts file access to that directory. This setting is in the config file.

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Hi Mike

Yes the files are in the correct import directory.