Missing database data after server reboot


I just installed neo4j 4.1 on the Ubuntu machine and created some nodes and relationships by the neo4j browser. I used the default neo4j database.

Later I rebooted pc and restarted neo4j.
I had to log in with the default username and password. Dunno why, all credentials were reset and after logging in I had to change password. Everything was like a brand new installation. Also, my data was gone.

Isn't data supposed to be store on disk and load after reboot? Can I somehow get my data back?

Yes it is stored on disk. Oh, I do like a puzzle.

I imagine something changed when the system was rebooted, and Neo4j's default behavior is to create a new blank db.

First thoughts

  • there are some folders/places in Unix that are ephemeral by design, we might expect the db to disappear after reboot if it was stored on a memory disk, or in /tmp
  • Neo4j can use a variety of environment variables, if manually setup (but not added to the login scripts) those would be gone after a reboot

Where on disk was the neo4j db before the reboot, and where is it now?