Migrating from neo4j 3.5 to 4.3

I'm working on migrating database from neo4j 3.5 to neo4j 4.3
my question is there any problem in that migration?
and if there is any major updates that can affect data and database which may cause errors in runing the database?
any one has any idea please share it with me

I just did it, for another project

In general you can export the dump from 3.5 and load it with 4.3 with neo4j-admin dump/load

And set dbms.allow_upgrade=true in neo4j.conf

But in this particular case I had to cleanly shut down the 3.5 instance and delete the transaction logs (neostore.transaction.*) as there was some issue in 4.3 loading the dump.

But I would try the direct approach first.

there is also an official migration guide: