Looking for paid help migrating from 3.5.14 to 4.x.x

Hello, Neo4j gurus.

I'm looking for someone capable of helping me migrating our Neo4j Community Edition 3.5.14 to the newest 4.x.x version.

I've been trying to migrate myself following different paths to no avail. You can find out more about my previous failed attempts in the following threads:

I've tried the approach recommended on Neo4j website (Migrating from Neo4j 3.5 to 4.0), tried using APOC to fully export/import the contents of the database (which by now is ~50GB) and was always running into issues one way or another.

I need professional help and am willing to pay your invoice.

For your reference: the instance is running on an AWS EC2 instance / Ubuntu 18.04. I'm trying to migrate from one EC2 to another one.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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Hi Malik,
I can have a try if you like.
I would need ssh shell access to both the old and new EC2 instance.
Best regards

Hi Malik, Checking in to see if you successfully completed the migration? If yes, I think the community would be interested in hearing the migration challenges encountered and the solutions. If still working on it, a ping back here would let community know if you are still looking for help. Regards, Joel

We managed to upgrade it without too many issues using my special recipe.
Still need to do a write up on that, after my holiday which starts today ;-)

Paul, have you written this up? :) would be handy to know how you circumvented it. My workaround ended up eliminating my symlinks... but I really wish I could keep them.