Migrate from AuraDB to AuraDS

I understand only limited users are invited to use AuraDS.
Therefore, our team considered using AuraDB in the first place, then migrated to AuraDS after the service was released.

My question is:

  • Is it possible to migrate from AuraDB to AuraDS?
  • What kind of difficulties would exist when migrating the platform?
  • What kind of system architecture/implementation do you recommend to make the migration easier (low cost)?

Thank you.

Migration should be quite straightforward, and wouldn't require much:

  1. Take a snapshot/dump of your AuraDB instance
  2. Restore it to an AuraDS instance
  3. Migrate any apps that connect to AuraDB, by substituting the username/password/bolt endpoint for the AuraDS equivalent information

That's about it.

Sounds great! Thank you.