Migrate data from 3.5.6 Community to 4.2.7 Community


I originally posted questions about a 3.5.1 --> 4.0.0 upgrade here: Migrate data from 3.5.1 Community to 4.0.0 Community

I am now trying to do the same thing in upgrading Community 3.5.6 to Community 4.2.7.

I have set everything as suggested in the video, and when I run via cmd prompt on my local windows 10 machine ...\bin> neo4j console, I receive this error...
"Error upgrading database.Database left intact and will likely not be able to start: org.neo4j.hernel.impl.storemigration.StoreUpgrader$DatabaseNotcleanlyShutDownException: the database is not cleanly shutdown.".

As stated in the previous forum thread, it seem that need to delete 2 separate neostore.transaction.db.XX files found in my neo4j-community-xxx > data > databases > [dbname] folder. I have deleted these file like last time, but I am still receiving the same error about 'not cleanly shutdown'.

How can I do a 'clean shutdown' on my local cmd prompt? (this might be a separate issue in there does not appear to be solid documentation on how to do a clean shutdown using a local cmd prompt when your neo4j db has been started with "neo4j console". What is the clean shutdown in this scenario?)
Or what 'transaction' files do I need to delete?
Or can I set up neo4j.conf with an upgrade property of "upgrade_shutdownwasclean?: dont-care"?

What am I doing wrong in this upgrade?



debug.txt (83.9 KB)

Follow Up On Clean ShutDown:

Using the cmd line against neo4j-community-3.5.6\bin I ran: neo4j install-service so I could then run neo4j start and neo4j stop, thus providing for a clean shutdown.

Then I transferred the data files as expressed in the video, and now against neo4j-community-4.2.7\bin I ran: neo4j console and while I no longer get an error around 'clean shutdown', I get this information that tells me my error is now "UnableToUpgradeException", and when I look in the log file I see something about...

Label with id=15 not found

What does this mean, why do I need to have this missing id=15 reconciled? and how do I reconcile it?

Unfortunately, I've given up. In the end it was easier to import my data into 4.2.7 via csv files.