Make a Graph from .html bookmarks file (Firefox)

Can anyone help me please?

I am very new to Neo4j and I am new to scripts and codes so I am un unfamiliar territory and am getting confused...

I just need Neo4j for one thing only.
I want to import the data contained in a .html file exported from firefox bookmarks.

Ideally, I would like the folder structure of the bookmarks (in ffx) to be read by the model.

Root - Main Categories - sub-categories - ... - ... - ...

It is important for me to bring in thumbnails of the urls and for the urls to be directly clickable. The thumbnails help keep it visual, quick and intuitive to use.

I am using Enterprise desktop trial and am unsure if that is the right one for me...
I am a holistic changemaker and the research I am doing needs to be secure and stand alone offline, until I am in a place to share and allow others to contribute.

What I want to do is BIG.
What I want to do Will save lives as people can visually see the semantic connections I can make between my wide research across multiple interdisciplinary fields.

Please. Can anyone help me?


First, I'd check if there are any other export options, best to get those bookmarks into a format that is easier to programmatically read/parse (e.g. JSON). The bookmarks will likely require a little code to prepare for import, a task probably best done outside Neo4j (apoc does have json capabilities, it is probably technically "possible" to do in Cypher).

A quick google search turned up an existing project that looks like it would get you 90% of the way there (4 years old so it might need a few minor fixes...)

That is very helpful!
What I was looking for with a quick search.
I have looked and tried so many ways to understand how to do this in many programmes...
Thanks! I found what I was looking for. I think.
With Your suggestion and;

Nice one!
Now the World will be saved!
Thanks to You Joel :D

Here You go Ikra

I asked and got this back.

I realised I have found the json files for the bookmarks.

Then I need to apply the script in the right way to bring it in.

A model needs to be made with this, then pipe in data through it.

Setting the rules/relationships... etc

With this:

What I need help with is getting everything into neo4j in the right way.

I imagine its not too far off and perhaps You can help me make sense of the script as i tried to amend and paste in and there were errors and I havnt a real clue why and how to fix them.

Maybe You can make sense of it?

(I have attached the script files)

I may as well send You the bookmarks file to see what You can do)

If you can? :)