Looking for (paid) tutor, mentor -


I would need some help in getting really familiar with neo4j/grandstack. I am a beginner in coding, but try to get better.

During my coding adventures, I always get stuck. Mostly I find a way by searching the web, but sometimes that does not work.

My idea is to finde somebody who help me hourly based and remotely (jitsii, ...) with my questions when I create my projects.

Let me know if you are interested.


will help you however wait until last week of december


My name is Gabriel.

I have two years of experience with neo4j in the real estate field and I'm a certified developer.
I can help you if you wish it, but be aware that you can only do 3 wishes, just kidding here is my contact info.

(gabriel:Person)-[:has]->(:info {email: tard.gabriel@gmail.com})