Looking for a mentor/tutor/consultant for my own study (paid)

Hello NEO4j Community!

My name is Petra Lee and I am a data analyst in Chicago :) I hope you guys are doing well today! I am new to NEO4j and new to the community and I enjoy learning NEO4j.

I am looking for someone who is interested in 1-2 hour/week Q&A tutoring? (paid).
For the session, I am looking for someone who I can ask questions about my learning/understanding of NEO4j instead of learning step by step like a typical tutoring.

No need to prepare or have anything ready! Simply need to join Zoom and have a conversation. I am thinking more of a short meeting with questions that I'm curious about as I learn from the resources provided from NEO4j. I would love to grow under experts guidance/suggested direction.

I am looking into working with PostgreSQL and NEO4j. So anyone who has experience with big data and RDBMS would be great. Thanks in advance and looking forward to working with you guys.


Petra Lee

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I would also be interested in a similar type of arrangement. I am exploring the potential to a use case with a focus on novel questions that can asked of a data set.

Andy Hegedus

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