Looking for a tool to edit db

Looking for a tool to edit db

You forgot to add a proper question to your post.

What exactly are you looking for?

I am looking for a tool (open source) giving with a GUI the access to add remove modify the objects of the db.
Arrow is not sufficient.

  1. https://graphileon.com/ (look for free version -> Graphileon Pricing - Graphileon)
  2. https://hackolade.com/ (priced)

Sorry, may be I didn t was very clear. I am looking for example a tool like Neo4j browser, but with functionnalities like, for example on right click on an object A, add another object B linked to A with a given relation. Or functionnalities to remove B.....
May be will need to create this tool?
Thanks for your help

I used this one: https://peter.heisig.rocks/en/posts/neo4j-graph-view-editor/
That's exactly Neo4j browser with additional functionality

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