Load large CSV (1.5 M lines)

I want to upload a file with 1.5 M + lines to the local neo4j .

I did not manage to do this through a local .NET application:
manages to process from 40k to 4k lines and then a lot of different errors, from lack of memory (I have 8GB ram) to just turning off neo4j (without any notifications). (3.5.2 , 3.5.8)
Uploading to the cloud instance (graphene DB) is too slow.

I would like to use LOAD CSV FROM, but I don’t understand how can I get a link like file:/// this on the local computer

Where / how do you have Neo4j installed?
Check it's config (heap memory).

What kind of data are you creating? Usually it works best if you batch 50k updates per transaction.

For LOAD CSV put the file into NEO4J_HOME/import directory then you can use file:///file-name.csv
There you can use USING PERIODIC COMMIT LOAD CSV FROM 'file:///file-name.csv' AS row ...

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I do not have the "import" directory on the local computer

can you check: $NEO4J_HOME ? what directories do you have there?

and where should I check it?
search in windows 10 does not find anything



on so many lines, this will take forever. Even 50k lines cannot be loaded through import of csv.
Only through ORM and different kinds of groupings and optimizations.
I use .NET application

Hi there, could you please explain how did you load the csv with million rows. I have a csv with 2 million rows and need to load it to neo4j community desktop version.