A novice clueless where to store data on the computer for LOAD CSV command

I am freshmen in NEO4J and I would appreciate if someone can give me a hands-on help how to load the data for the simple model (Person:a {name: 'x'} {occupation: 'y'} -[LIVES_IN]-> (Location:l). I am stacked with the dilemma where to store the data on the computer.
Thanks in advance,

Hi @vladimir.aleksic ,

When using LOAD CSV you should place the .csv files in the import subdirectory of a Neo4j DBMS installation.

If you're using Neo4j Desktop, you can find that directory by using the three-dot ... menu next to a database, then "Open Folder" then "Import".

Files that are placed in that folder are available to LOAD CSV using a URL like this:

LOAD CSV from "file:///categories.csv" AS line
RETURN line limit 10

Do you have all the data in a single CSV (with Persons and their Locations) or two separate CSVs (one for Persons, the other for Locations)?


Dear Andreas,
thank you very much for the swift reply. It is very encouraging to rely on the help of the prominent community members.
As the instruction available on the site How-To: Import CSV Data with Neo4j Desktop - Developer Guides the suggests we should:
Copy or move the three CSV files into this import folder on your system: (Screenshot no. 1)
STILL, IT IS EMBRACING THAT I FAILED. I tried with the DRAG-AND-DROP option several times with three Excel documents stored in the DOWNLOADS folder. Besides, after I have pressed IMPORT field, there was no browser option available. As a final option, I even put the CSV files I wanted to test in the IMPORT directory, following the pathway indicated by the Neo4j (Screenshot no. 2).
(Screenshot no. 2). Below
(Screenshot no. 1). Below