LOAD CSV From a Local File Windows10

Hi guys, how are you doing?

I'm new in Neo4j and I'm facing some issues when loading data from a local file in a Windows 10 system to a sandbox instance of Neo4j 3.5

Basically the command is this:
FROM 'C:\Users\Renato\Desenvolvimento\laboratorios.csv'
AS row
RETURN trim(row.name), row.fundation, trim(row.companyId)

But it never ran. It keep sending over and over the same message:


Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Invalid input 's': expected four hexadecimal digits specifying a unicode character (line 2, column 11 (offset: 32)) "FROM 'C:\Users\Renato\Desenvolvimento\laboratorios.csv'"

I really don't get why it is expecting an unicode character here. Anyway, I don't know how to proceed and I have no http server to use as source of the file "laboratorios.csv".

If someone could give me a hand, I apreciate it.


I use Jupiter Notebook to upload for a CSV.

Link to my code for importing CSV.

Hey Nicole, thanks for your response.

I understod that you creared a python code to upload data to your neo4j. Now I'm evaluating if neo4j would apply to my solution, and I really don't want to code (much). Do you know how to turn around this 'local file' issue using features from CYPHER or BOLT?


It would be helpful for us to see your import file. Here is a snippet of one of my import files for one of my databases that creates Genre nodes:

genre_id name genre_type multimedia_format_id
1 Audio Books Audio 1
2 Blues Audio 1

I prefer all my import files to be tab delimited.

My cypher call is as follows:

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "File:///ld_genre.txt" AS row
CREATE (g:Genre {genre_id: TOINTEGER(row.genre_id), name: TRIM(row.name), genre_type: TRIM(row.genre_type), multimedia_format_id: TOINTEGER(row.multimedia_format_id)})

I hope this helps you in solving your issue.


Hi Alfonso, sorry for the delay.

This is a sample of the data I am trying to upload (LOAD CSV). There is no other formatation in the file.

Laboratório 1,31/12/2010,##Laboratório140543
Laboratório 2,17/03/2007,##Laboratório239158


I will try to duplicate your error sometime with this short version in m y test database.

Let you know soon!