I am a professional database administrator and database engineer. So, my focus for Neo4j is in database operations, database design, and database modeling. I imported or loaded the FreeDB and MusicBrainz databases to learn how to load data and to get a sense of the database internals and resource actuals. I am not developer and have no inclination to be a professional developer--though, I have development background and I do personal projects for my edification only. I am learning Neo4j and am designing and developing a personal database to house my library information to track all books, music, movies, and digital media and I will be developing a Graph App for my personal use as I learn JavaScript and Node.js.

In three words, 'I love Neo4j'. I earned the Certified Neo4j Professional certification and completed the Introduction to Neo4j & Neo4j Administration courses here. I also completed five other Neo4j, Cypher, Neo4j development with Node.js courses on Udemy learning platform.

See y'all around this forum!