Joe Depeau - London-based Sales Engineer

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Hello! My name is Joe Depeau, and I'm a Senior Pre-sales Consultant for Neo4j based out of our office in London, UK. I've been with Neo4j since September 2017 - before that my career wound through various hands-on technical, enterprise architecture, and consulting roles. I'm originally from the US (Connecticut via NYC), so don't be surprised if we ever speak or meet and you realise I don't have a British accent!

I really enjoy putting the Neo4j graph database and platform tools to work solving all sorts of business problems, and seeing the value that graph database technology can bring to our customers and community. Graphs Are Everywhere!!

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Hi joe
Watched your latest video about money laundering and neo4j as supporting tool; very interesting is the data model including attributes also available
Best rgds

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Glad you found the video interesting! I'm afraid the data set was shared with me and I'm not in a position to be able to redistribute or publish it.

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hi joe
thanks for your reaction; was not looking for the data but only the model


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Oh, sorry - I misunderstood!

Here's a snapshot of the meta model :

Here's some more detail, which will provide the properties for each relationship and node label. It was a convoluted process getting this to a PNG to post here, if you need the CSV of this let me know.

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Hi Joe

Thanks for your reaction if you can sent me the csv highly appreciated



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Hi Joe
That is exuctly were i was looking for

Super! Thanks