JIRA data model

Hi, Neo4j team,
Does any one have datamodel for JIRA?
The queries which i like to run are

  1. Find similar issues based on full content of description, steps to reproduce summary etc..
  2. Find all people who worked on a defect and similar defect including the people mentioned in the history
  3. Filter the above results based on release,version,tags
  4. Time is another imp filter
    The data size if very large

Thanks in advance

Hi gmkumar2005,

Did you found a solution yet?

Personally I have had some luck with this plugin for JQAssistant:

While it is pretty complete it still misses Sprints and issues linked to Epics are also still missing.
For my requirement that is a problem, however it seems your requirements match.

Please let me know if you came up with something else/better or if this was what you where looking for.