Janos Szendi-Varga - Senior Consultant at GraphAware


(Szenyo) #1

I worked in an innovation lab in Hungary a few years ago when I first met with Neo4j, and I started to learn this. It started with a few pet projects and meetups, I did the neo4j certification among the firsts, and now I work as a senior consultant at the world's #1 Neo4j consultancy company, GraphAware.

I am originally from Budapest, but I currently live in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am trying to keep alive the Neo4j Budapest Meetup group, but it is a bit hard to manage it remotely.
I am a big fan of data analytics, big data techniques and attending different kind of meetups and conferences.

I am missing the European GraphConnect ;)

(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum Janos !
You're definitely not the only one missing GraphConnect in London. A next GraphTour may however also have a stop in Abu Dhabi (no promises but there seems to be an active community there) ... :slight_smile:

(Karin Wolok) #3

Hi Janos!!!!!! Thanks for joining us! :)