Jaccard algorithm returns no records

I am using Neo4j Desktop 1.1.20, Neo4j 3.5.2, Graph algorithms

I am following along with the documentation for streaming jaccard similarities and keep getting no results.

{item: 0, categories: [30633,30648,30630]},
{item: 1, categories: [30633,30630]},
{item: 3, categories: [30633,30648]}
] as d
CALL algo.similarity.jaccard.stream(d)
YIELD item1, item2, intersection, similarity
RETURN item1, item2, intersection, similarity

Result says "(no changes, no records)"

What am I doing wrong?

I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I tried the code you pasted locally:

I'm using Neo4j 3.5.3 and Algos

Sometimes I've seen some weirdness with concurrency, so you could try:

CALL algo.similarity.jaccard.stream(d, {concurrency: 1})

Just to see if that makes any difference.