Issue generating certificate with LetsEncrypt for Neo4j instance on AWS EC2


I have a Neo4j AMI instance running on AWS EC2. I followed the official neo4j instructions to get this running here.

I also registered a domain with amazon that is mapped to the elastic IP of my instance.

I've been trying to get a certificate for this site, because when I go to, the neo4j browser loads with a Not Secure Error.

To do this, I was following David Allen's great instructions here. However, after running sudo certbot certonly, and putting in my domain name, I get a Timeout during connect error.

I think this happens because my domain only works if I use https and append port :7473.

When going to in my browser, (the domain that I enter on LetsEncrypt), this results in a This page isn't working error.

What should I do to have LetsEncrypt target the neo4j port and generate a certificate for it?

I figured out the problem.

By default the the neo4j-sg security group doesn't allow traffic on port 80. This is why http requests were timing out.

Once I added Port 80 to the list of inbound rules, LetsEncrypt could find and generate a certificate for my neo4j instance.