Is there any bug in windows version of neo4j desktop?

I am using neo4j desktop 1.2.4 in my windows 10 pc.

MATCH (l:Bus{bus_no:   4 }), (s) where s.bus_no =1
CALL, l, 1, 'length' ,{})
YIELD index, nodeIds, costs
RETURN [node in algo.getNodesById(nodeIds) | node.bus_no] AS BUs_no,
       costs as length,
       reduce(acc = 0.0, cost in costs | acc + cost) AS totalCost order by totalCost

with this code i got output

The actual value of the property length between the nodes 1 and 3 is 9.
But it is showing length between 1 and 3 is 18.

I run the same query in another PC with linux OS. It works correctly.
Are there any bugs in windows version of neo4j desktop app?