Is it possible to run bloom with neo4j community edition?

I have neo4j community db running on E2 and wish to enable visualization / bloom app for few users. How can I do it and what is recommended? I was considering scenarios below but not sure if these are correct.

  • buy bloom license and via app in neo4j desktop each user can access db remotely
  • buy bloom license and via web browser each user can access db remotely
  • set up bloom server (license for both bloom and neo4j enterprise edition needed)


Hello, Anna! Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Bloom with a Community Edition database.

You can use Bloom with Neo4j Aura cloud instances or with Neo4j Desktop local instances, as both of these use Neo4j Enterprise Edition.


Hi, thanks for reply.
How can I get quota for Bloom + Neo4j Enterprise ?

What's your region of the globe? I can put you in contact directly with someone for your area!

Feel free to direct message me here or send it to my email at :slight_smile: