Introduction - Jason Cox, Philadelphia, USA

Hello, I'm Jason Cox. I'm a web app and infrastructure engineer working mostly with early stage startups. I live in Philadelphia, PA USA and work out of Indy Hall. I am a co-organizer of the local graph database Meetup (Philly Graph DB) and am CTO of Untitled Folder (early state startup web firm) with my business partner, Jess Mason.

I got into graph databases via Jess and Karin Wolok, and have found that I'm hooked! I am most interested in using graph databases to find connections across a diverse range of data without needing to create an exponential number of tables to do so. Also, the Neo4j example for a movie recommendations engine has me intrigued.

I'm joining this community to learn new ways to use Neo4j, post info about our community, share my ideas, and connect with other Neo4j communities around the world!

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Welcome Jason, glad Karin and Jess infected you with the graph love.
Hope you can find many cool applications for graphs in your work.

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