Introducing Skanda Gurunathan R to Neo4J Community

Hi geeks!

This is Skanda Gurunathan R, Senior Software Engineer, AI/ML NextGen Labs, Prodapt Solutions Private Limited.

Exploration vs Exploitation - I play with this trade off. I never stop learning and I never stop exploiting what I learned. I love and wish to create impact by bringing a change.

My areas of interest includes AI/ML, Blockchain, GraphAlgos, IoT, Full stack development. I'm a huge fan of technology. I love being creative and can't resist giving every minor detail to the things I do. In my spare time, I keep working for new ideas and the rest is spent on personal entertainment such as movies, music, and hangouts. Moreover, I like to think innovative and about how and where to apply what I have learned.

Looking forward to engage in more discussions and brainstorm ideas!