Interfacing with Neo4J desktop Movies DB - Java example source code

I'm a new Neo4J (community version) Java developer using IntelliJ.
Where I can find a simple, straightforward Java example source code (+maven code)
for interfacing with Neo4J desktop Movies DB (or even creating new one).

Gilad Keinan

Hi @giladkeinan

How about these sites.
These sites don't answer all requests, but I think they are quite helpful.

Neo4j Movies Example Application

Using Neo4j from Java

Hi Koji,

Many thanks and best regards.


Many thanks but doesn't work for me.

Hi @giladkeinan

Many thanks but doesn't work for me.

I think the environment is different.
I've run the program and hope it is helpful.

This is my environment.

macOS Big Sur
Neo4j Desktop 1.3.11
IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.3
Java 11.0.2

Create a database of movies.

Create Database with Neo4j 4.2.0
Start Database
Open Neo4j Browser
:play movie-graph
Create Movie graph

Create the movies-java-bolt with IntelliJ.

Open IntelliJ.

Select "Get from Version Control"

Clone it.

No modify the dependency.
4.2.0 is correct!!

<!-- tag::bolt-dependency[] -->
<!-- end::bolt-dependency[] -->

Build it.

Build > Build Project
Select Java SDK 11

Open Terminal.

% cd IdeaProjects/movies-java-bolt
% mvn compile exec:java

Open Web Browser(Crome, Safari, etc...)