How to connect Neo4j Movies Example Project to cloud-hosted Neo4j instance

I need to get the Neo4j Movies Example Project running on my computer (on localhost) to connect to my cloud-hosted Neo4j instance and access the data from it.

So far, I have successfully deployed a single instance of Neo4j Enterprise on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I had followed this tutorial: Neo4j standalone instance (VM-based) - Operations Manual and it is all working nicely,
as specified in the tutorial.
So, essentially, I have my Neo4j instance actively running as a Virtual Machine instance on Google Compute Engine.

Now, I have also set up the database for the Movies Example Project on my Neo4j instance, with the required data. I did this through the Neo4j browser, via https://[My_External_IP]:7473, and using the :play movies command and then executing the giant code block (that starts with CREATE),
which created the required Movie graph.

Coming to the other part, regarding the Movies Example Project:

I’m following this Neo4j example on GitHub, which is the Neo4j Movies Example Project in Symfony (PHP framework):

I cloned this repository with git clone and from the project root directory, ran composer install.

After composer successfully installed the necessary packages, it displayed “Creating the ‘app/config/parameters.yml’ file” and asked me to enter some parameters.

I entered the following (for neo4j_host, I put in my external IP address where my cloud Neo4j instance resides):

After this, I executed the command in terminal: php bin/console server:run, in order to run the application on localhost:8000.

The app runs; however, currently searching for any movie title does not display any data. This is what I see:

In the Neo4j example project tutorial, Example Project - Developer Guides, I believe it says that if we are using a cloud-hosted Neo4j database, we have to provide the URL to our Neo4j server in an environment variable NEO4J_URL.

So my question is, what does this mean? Where do I have to provide this URL?

Also kindly let me know if I have carried out all my other steps correctly so far, and if there any changes that I should make, please let me know. Thanks.


Why do you need to access the "Movies" graph running locally on your system from the google cloud instance. You can load the database running in the cloud with the "Movies" data.

You typically host the database in the cloud and then you access it from clients outside of the cloud.