Install Neo4j 4.2.1 go wrong

  • Neo4j version: 4.2.1, community edition
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Java version: 11.0.9
    I have followed up instruction to install Neo4j community server 4.2.1 on windows 7 and Java 11.0.9.

I can run the command:

bin\neo4j install-service
bin\neo4j update-service
bin\neo4j start
bin\neo4j stop

it means I can start Neo4j server though windows services, I can browse the database throuth

But I just can't run the command(after I have stoped the Neo4j windows service, so the port 7474 is free)
bin\neo4j console

actually , If I change to use Neo4j community server 4.1.5, everything is ok.
I don't know what happend

oh, I found it is a bug in neo4j-community-4.2.1\bin\Neo4j-Management\Invoke-Neo4j.ps1

at line 104, there is a line like that

$thisServer.AdditionalArguments = $AdditionalArguments

when I run it in Windows 7 , the variable $AdditionalArguments is a null Object, then it will cause error.
so I have fixed this bug,

I just modify this line to like that

if ($AdditionalArguments -ne $null) {
$thisServer.AdditionalArguments = $AdditionalArguments