How to install 3.5.14 community Windows

Hi ,
How to install Neo4j 3.5.14 community edition.
I don't see any install.bat in it. if i run neo4j.bat nothing happens.

Please help.


have you followed the instructions at

Hi Dana,

None of the scripts are available.
For Console there is no bin\neo4j_Console file

For Windows service there is no bin\neo4j install-service.

That is why i asked the question.

2.5.1. Windows console application

  1. Download the latest release from Neo4j Download Center. Select the appropriate ZIP distribution.

  2. Check that the SHA hash of the downloaded file is correct:

  3. To find the correct SHA hash, go to Neo4j Download Center and click on SHA-256 which will be located below your downloaded file.

  4. Using the appropriate commands for your platform, display the SHA-256 hash for the file that you downloaded.

  5. Ensure that the two are identical.

  6. Right-click the downloaded file, click Extract All.

  7. Change directory to the top-level extracted directory.Run bin\neo4j console

  8. Stop the server by typing Ctrl-C in the console.

2.5.2. Windows service

Neo4j can also be run as a Windows service. Install the service with bin\neo4j install-service , and start it with bin\neo4j start .

The available commands for bin\neo4j are: help , start , stop , restart , status , install-service , uninstall-service , and update-service .

??? is there documentation that suggest run bin\neo4j_Console ??? one should simply run bin\neo4j console . Note console is not part of the file name but rather the first argument passed to the neo4j command.

Same as with

For Windows service there is no bin\neo4j install-service.

there is a file named bin\neo4j and if you pass install-service as the first argument it will thus install Neo4j as a service. install-service is not part of the file name

My bad as per writing the issue. I tried passing the argument.
Can it happen the backend PS scripts have some access control issue ?
My laptop is org provided, i am running command prompt as admin though.

Please see the screenshot.

Hey @sayonsur ,

If using the Neo4j Desktop is an option I'd recommend that. If this is a "production" implementation then you want to create a shortcut with the following target (replace neo4j-enterprise-3.5.5 with your path).
C:\neo4j-enterprise-3.5.5\bin\neo4j.bat console
Then run that as an Administrator.

another option is open a command prompt, as admin, and run neo4j.bat console
Ctrl+Y (I think, it's been a while) will stop the service, before closing the command window.


instead of typing neo4j console you need neo4j.bat console
The .bat is important