In-memory version of neo4j

If I do not want to persist my transactional data in a graph database ( as it is already persisted in a RDB) but I want to use the power of graph databases to get valuable insight from the data. Is there an in-memory version of neo4J that I can use to create nodes and relationships on the fly and query the graph to detect hidden patterns in my data? After the query results are obtained, the graph is no longer necessary.

If there is such a solution available is it production ready, can it scale in a multi-tenant environment?

Sorry, no, all current versions of Neo4j use on-disk storage for durability, though with a high enough page cache to encompass the entire graph your reads at least will be reading all from memory rather than hitting disk.

As for multi-tenant environments, Neo4j 4.x, around the end of the year, will include support for multi-graph, schema based security features that can help implement a multi-tenant environment, and more.

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