I'm looking for a Neo4j Consultant or Employee position

Hello community

My name is Gabriel.
I'm looking for a consultant or employee position mostly as a database admin / manager or trainer.
I'm a bilingual french Canadian from Quebec and I'm living in British-Colombia at Victoria city.

I use Neo4j regularly since 2 years as a graph database manager for my small business needs. Among my responsibilities, I have to do:

  • Automation with Selenium ( Version 4 coming soon )
  • Web scraping to collect a lot of data
  • Data formatting to make it cute and ready for database injection
  • Data management with Neo4j
  • User rights with Neo4j
  • Website backend with JavaScript
  • I'm studying and practising a bit website front-end

So I'm able to speak with anybody in the development team.

I have my Neo4j professional certification and other Neo4j Graph Academy courses certifications ( I'm getting all of them soon ). I have a diploma in sales and consulting, IT Support and computer science university studies.

Recently awarded as the Neo4j community member of the month ( Funny badge ), my goal is to make sure I got everything from this tool to teach or use it as a consultant for any business who needs it. The courses and community helps me to fill the gaps we never used in my business.

Apart my technical skills that a lot of people can have, I love teaching and helping.
As an IT consultant years ago at Montreal city , I loved giving the feeling of freedom and power to my clients by explaining concepts a way they never felt.

Feel free to answer this post or email me anytime if you want some Neo4j improvement in your business.


Gabriel -

Thanks for posting! I hope you are well. We might have something for you if you are interested in connecting. We're Bonsai Data Solutions, and we're looking to hire someone to help us solve marketing and business analytics measurement with Neo4J. There's some more details about us in the below post. But first, check us out at www.bonsai.llc - If you dig our mission, embrace our point of view on Attribution, and want to be a part of the Pyxis story, we'd love to chat!

  • Matt

About the job

We are looking for a pioneer who'd like to grow with us as we build the future of business technology, marketing measurement and customer analytics at Bonsai. Help us build the first business analytics & marketing measurement technology on the graph.

Minimum qualifications: Professional experience with Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, and neo4j.
Preferred Qualifications: 3+ years of experience with Customer Engineering, Solutions Engineering, Graph Databases & Cloud Data Warehousing.

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Hello Matt

When I read about you and Mike jobs had or have before Bonsai created 1 year ago I got interested, you really believe that more technology doesn’t solve the problem.

Years ago I had this crazy idea of splitting a software in two interface, a unify one to create data and behaviour and an other one created from a continuous user needs and feedback.

I can deal with Neo4j, 3 courses left to be 100% aware of it, a good complement to my 2 years experience with it. But I except having to learn a lot about customer engineering.

I don't know if I will fit or not, but I'm curious to know who you are as persons and ideas your project seems...huge and different. Feel free to send me any schedule for a meeting or chat over any apps, I can deal with mostly of them. ( except the iOS only )

I welcome you to contact me,
Thank you for your time