I restarted my computer and lost my database in UI #100

hello, .
Yesterday I accidentally restarted my computer, and I found that some of my databases were missing.
You can see I have only 5 databases here, but there are 8 directories in "dbmss".

That mean I need to reload my another 3 databases, even if they may be broken.
I would appreciate your help.

other information:

  1. some of the databases were cloned from another orignally, and I use the original one for back up.
  2. I renamed some databases them when another database is online.

system inforamtion:

  1. os: windows 10 v2004
  2. neo4j version: 4.2.0 & 4.2.1
  3. neo4j destop verson: 1.3.11

This question has been answered in the GitHub issue where it was originally posted.