I am looking for a graph visualisation (javascript?) library for the web which allows to configure how to display query results

As the title suggests I want to be able to display cypher query results in a specific tee like manner by default.

This is my expected visual result:

My results always have:
1x start node of type A
*x level nodes of type b
1x leaf node at every end of "branch" of type c
So it is about visualizing a tree like structure.

For me it seems (in the neo4j browser) as the nodes are randomly displayed at first and can be dragged to the preferred structure.

What i am looking for is a javascript library which can automatically display a query result as a tree.
Any ideas if that exists or can be built with a js library as a base?
(Like assigning coordinate ranges to specific node classes ...)

Hello @daniel.muellner :slight_smile:

You should have a look at D3.js and here is an example.


Oh thank you, that looks promising - like a starting point to build my own visualisation tool.
Do you know of any library which would do the handling with cypher queries and so forth already?

There is the JavaScript driver.