Hello, community!
I'm using Neo4j 4.0 and trying to load nodes through HTTP API. I'm making a POST request to my.neo4j.hostname/db/neo4j/tx/commit
with following headers:

Content-Type: application/json
Cache-Control: no-cache
Connection: keep-alive
Authorization: Basic myauth
X-Stream: true

With the following body:

    statements: [
        statement: `using periodic commit\nLOAD CSV FROM '${csvUrl}' AS line\nMERGE (m:Member { mid: line[0]});`,

The dataset contains 3 columns, 4.8 Million rows, it's a CSV about of around 250MB.

And I'm consistently getting read ECONNRESET after 4 minutes approximately.
I didn't had this issue with smaller (test) CSVs. Is there some sort of time limit for the HTTP API that I cand increase? or any other recommendations?

Additionally: after that query, I would need to run another to generate all the relationships, but I wasn't able to even reach that yet.


Good day,

Have you checked your neo4j logs and memory configs?

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Thanks for your reply. I had no access to the neo4j instance, but further investigation resulted in a memory issue, so you were right.

Thanks :slight_smile: