How to use neo4j-admin in Community AMI EC2

Hi, there, I'm trying to use neo4j-admin to load some very large CSV files into the default neo4j database, but somehow I did not remove the existing DB clearly, so when I import the CSV file, it keeps telling me that the neo4j DB is offline. Appreciate if anybody knows which file should be deleted on EC2 AMI.
By the way, on my local machine, I just remove all files in data directory and import with admin, it works, but somehow when it turns into cloud with system service, it does not work. Thanks for your time and help.

Stop neo4j first

rm -rf /var/lib/neo4j/data

Another solution is create a new database

  • Connect with Neo4j Desktop Client
  • Switch user as 'system'
  • CREATE DATABASE your_db_name
  • STOP DATABASE your_db_name
  • Import your data with neo4j-admin ( neo4j-admin restore —from=./import/data —database=your_db_name—force )
  • Restart Neo4j
  • Connect with Neo4j Desktop again and switch user as 'system'
  • START DATABASE your_db_name

well done