How to use Neo4j admin import to update previously existing graph?

Hello Community,

I am new to using Neo4j. While importing bulk data using neo4j admin import, I run the command: sudo neo4j-admin import --database=neo4j --nodes= --relationships= on my linux terminal and this creates a folder neo4j. Now I manually change the name of this folder to graph.db(after deleting the previously existing file). Now say if I have a graph with 100M nodes and now I want to add some 1M new nodes to it using neo4j admin import, how should I go about it?

Thank you.

The bulk loader always creates a new neo4j database from scratch, to "add" nodes you'll have to use another approach.

Note: If your use case allows, you could use the bulk loader by adding the 1M nodes to the previous 100M first, then bulk load 101M nodes, this is easy to do, but not everyone's situation will allow this.

Currently, I build all of my graphs from scratch every time because the bulk loader is orders of magnitude faster than any other way (primarily because transaction logging is turned off). I reshape the graphs outside of neo4j then load again. My graphs are used for read only analysis use. Experimental modifications and changes to the graph are allowed for a small set of power users in large part because I reload from scratch (which resets the db), so doing this works very well in our situation.

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