How to upload a database into sandbox

Hi, dear all,

I have my local database on Neo4j desktop, however, I would like to connect to the database via sandbox for collaboration. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any option for uploading a dump file into Neo4j Sandbox. I googled the problem but only found the case to import a csv file.

May anyone help me how to do that?
Thanks and best regards

Have you checked out Aura Free? It includes an option to upload a dump file directly and turn it into a managed database. It also doesn't time out like Sandbox, and you can keep it forever.

In Sandbox, there is no option to upload a dumpfile unfortunately, so your best option would be to export the data to something like CSV/JSON and then re-import it into your Sandbox.

Hello, Thanks for your kind advice and recommendation!

I saw that there is an "invite" option in Sandbox which I can invite people to collaborate on the same database, but I haven't found this option in Aura. Is there anyway to collaborate on Aura or at least give read-only access for other people?

Thanks again and Best Regards