How to select One hop relationship nodes with some conditioning filter

I am newbie in neo4j. I want to select one hop distance nodes with some conditionsgraph

so Here Node A has two adjacent nodes B and C . and C here connected with D by relationship Pay
I will take only B here cause. I will select those node which don't have 'pay' relationship with other nodes.

so far I have done this

Match (c:ID:'064'})-[r:SEND | AIRS]->(d) return distinct(d).ID as RecieverID

so it gives me one hop distance neighbour those have 'send' and 'air' relationship. but some of this neighbour nodes has pay relationship with other nodes. I don't want to include this nodes .My desire out put is to obtain those adjacent neighbour which don't have 'Pays' relationship with other nodes
How could I solve this. any guidance and approaches are highly appreciated

To exclude a pattern that must not exist you have to use WHERE NOT:

Match (c:ID:'064'})-[r:SEND | AIRS]->(d) 
WHERE NOT (d)-[:PAYS]->()
return distinct(d).ID as RecieverID