Finding 2 hop neighbourhood in neo4j excluding some specific relation

I am trying to find neighbour nodes of specific node. In my case I will extend it up to 2 hops . here is my situation

Here the diagram is already showing its 2 hop neighbour hood. My query is given bellow

Match (c:A{ID:'123'})-[*1..2]->(d)
Return Distinct(d)

but for large dataset(8 million) I don't want to include drives relation here for gaining better performance

is there any way to get 2 hops path excluding some specific relation. to be specific I have 2 relations relation like "WASH" and "DRIVES". I want to exclude these relation and create 2hops neighbour hood graph for A node

Kindly help me

Technically you can exclude relationship types like this:

Match (c:A{ID:'123'})-[r*1..2]->(d)
where none(x in r WHERE type(x) in ['DRIVES', 'WAHS'])
Return Distinct(d)

However this will touch also the DRIVES and WASH relationships just to filter them out. It's more performant to provide a positive list if relationship types to traverse:

Match (c:A{ID:'123'})-[:OWNS|:EARN_MONEY*1..2]->(d)
Return Distinct(d)

This will solely touch OWNS and EARN_MONEY relationships and not load any other relationship.

thanks for your reply . There is a issue created, some of the nodes has self referenced loop "Wash". it is not filtered. and one "drive" relation is still there. this solution is partially filtering