How to increase heap size if your running the porject from docker?

i found a movielens project on github and i was trying to run the docker image of that project , but i get this error :
py2neo.database.TransientError: There is not enough memory to perform the current task. Please try increasing 'dbms.memory.heap.max_size' in the neo4j configuration (normally in 'conf/neo4j.conf' or, if you you are using Neo4j Desktop, found through the user interface) or if you are running an embedded installation increase the heap by using '-Xmx' command line flag, and then restart the database.

can anyone please help me with this issue from where can i increase the heap size as there is no conf file in the project there is a docker file only so from where do i have to increase the heap size

Go to bin folder and run command ./neo4j-admin memrec
you will find the recommended setting based upon your active db size.

Goto neo4j.conf file and change the configuration entries there, for example following dbms.memory.heap.initial_size=5100m

and bounce the database