How to handle singleQuotes in Variable for Cypher Statement

Hi together,

I try to save a value with a Cypher Query and Nei4j v4 and Neo4j.Driver in C#

My problem is that the value of my variable contains a singlequote, for example like:


Thats my Query:

var Name = "ÖöÜüÄäßµ@€-&'.Sb34";
var query2Neo = ("CREATE (p:Person { Name:'" + Name + "'})");

Are there another Way to avoid those kind of problems?

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Hi @CodeCase

You don't have to use string building - read cypher manual:

CREATE (n:Person { name: $name })

Hi @paul.are,

thanks for your reply.
I need to use Neo4j.Driver v4 with the following Syntax

 IDriver driver = GraphDatabase.Driver("bolt://localhost:7687", AuthTokens.Basic("neo4j", "neo4j"));
 IAsyncSession session = driver.AsyncSession(o => o.WithDatabase("neo4j"));
 var name = "ÖöÜüÄäßµ@€-&'.Sonderbör";
 var query2Neo = ("CREATE (p:Person {name: $name})", new { name });
 IResultCursor cursor = await session.RunAsync(query2Neo.ToString());
 await cursor.ConsumeAsync().ConfigureAwait(true);
 await session.CloseAsync();
 await driver.CloseAsync();

dont know if thats the "best" approach for using the .Net Driver in neo4j. However its not working.neo4j

I get the following Error:

EXCEPTION: Neo4j.Driver.ClientException: Invalid input '(': expected (line 1, column 1 (offset: 0))
"(CREATE (p:Person {name: $name}), { name = ÖöÜüÄäßµ@€-&'.Sonderbör })"
at Neo4j.Driver.Internal.MessageHandling.ResponsePipelineError.EnsureThrownIf(Func`2 predicate)

Hi @CodeCase - as @paul.are mentioned , the string concatenation is not the effective way of creating nodes now. Instead use the parameter.
For some reason if you have to use it then wrap it around double quote ( " " ) instread of ( ' ')

Try this -

var name = "ÖöÜüÄäßµ@€-&'.Sonderbör";*
var query2Neo = "CREATE (p:Person {Name: $name})";
IResultCursor cursor = await session.RunAsync(query2Neo.ToString() , new { name });

Before this you need to create a param object for this to work.
I have tried with a java equivalent code and it works. - use only related part

Map<String, Object> parameters = new HashMap<String, Object>();
String name = "ÖöÜüÄäßµ@€-&'.Sonderbör";
String query2Neo = "CREATE (p:Person {Name: $name})";
parameters.put("name", name);, parameters);

Please follow this and if you still get the issue, please let me know


Hi @Kailash & @paul.are , thank you for your examples that helps me to understand what Im doing here :slight_smile:

It works!


Thanks , Happy to help!