How to get triple set from the imported ontology?

I imported owl file into Neo4J successfully, however, I cannot get the triples from the graph.

I want to get the triples as I can execute in SPARQL.

I've already tried that

match (n1)-[r]-(n2) return n1, r, n2

However, this only returns the triples that based on the hierarchy only.

Please let me know how to search or get the triple as a return value

Hi @yujin000731 welcome to the community,
Could you share a bit more detail on what you're trying to do?
You've imported an ontology using which method? Is it n10s.rdf.import or did you use n10s.onto.import? There are differences between the two explained both in the manual and in some other topics in this channel. Have a look as they may help.

Also when you say getting the triples you mean get the output of your query as RDF?

It would be great if you could share the whole script you're using so we could try to reproduce and give you better guidance.



Thank you for your kind reply.
The below code are that I used for import turtle file.

CALL n10s.graphconfig.init();
CREATE CONSTRAINT n10s_unique_uri ON (r:Resource) ASSERT r.uri IS UNIQUE

CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch("http://localhost:11001/project-23a8e4aa-62a1-4e39-8852-387b71c83156/FruitJuice.ttl","Turtle", {
  classLabel : 'Category',
  objectPropertyLabel: 'Rel',
  dataTypePropertyLabel: 'Prop'

After executing these code, I could get the return the table that shows information about terminationStatus, triplesLoaded, triplesParsed, namespaces, extraInfo, callParams.
Among the return values, I want to get the triplesParsed, but I don't know how to get it.

For example, in the ontology there is triple (GrapeJuice - madeOf - Grape).
However, now there are only (Juice - SCO - GrapeJuice) , (Fruit - SCO - Grape).

:GrapeJuice rdf:type owl:Class ;
            rdfs:subClassOf :Juice ,
                            [ rdf:type owl:Restriction ;
                              owl:onProperty :madeOf ;
                              owl:someValuesFrom :Grape
                            ] .

I need to search the information above.
Please give me your kind guidance.