How to get TEXT functions like apoc.text.camelCase(text) in neo4j 3.5.4

Hi Team,

Somebody please help in sharing a link for accessing/download the TEXT functions like apoc.text.camelCase(text) in neo4j.

Neo4j Version = 3.5.4
APOC Version = apoc-

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The versions you posted are compatible, so provided APOC is installed correctly, these should be readily available for you.

See if this returns the information of the functions you're looking for:


If not, then APOC isn't installed or configured correctly.

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually I am referring output of CALL dbms.procedures() and in its output I did not find the apoc.text.camelCase(). But as per your suggestion , I found the apoc.text.camelCase() in neo4j.

Actually I want to convert an input string "akshat.mittal" ==> "Akshat.Mittal"
There is a dot as a separator between 2 words of a name.
I found the apoc.text.capitalizeAll() function but it is not working completely due to dot ' . ' in between the 2 words.
apoc.text.capitalizeAll("graph database") // "Graph Database"

Is there any way to achieve this input string "akshat.mittal" ==> output string "Akshat.Mittal"

Thanks Again!


with split('akshat.mittal', '.') as s1
with apoc.text.capitalize(s1[0]) as s10, apoc.text.capitalize(s1[1]) as s11
return apoc.text.join([s10,s11], '.')

result: "Akshat.Mittal"

Also to note, the reason why you didn't see this is dbms.procedures() is because it's a function, not a procedure. You would see it show up in dbms.functions(), but using is usually the fastest and easiest at least when it comes to APOC.

Thanks a lot Andrew!!