How to disable metrics

(Gchokeen) #1

Hi, my testing server running out of space because metrics folder is growing big. I can't see any option to disable the metrics in the neo4j.conf file.

Metrics folder ( /var/lib/neo4j/metrics) around 4 gb, how to reduce or disable it!

Version: 3.4.0

Edition: Enterprise

(Stefan Armbruster) #2

Set metrics.enabled=false in your neo4j.conf, see

(Yyakovson613) #3

@stefan.armbruster Could you give us some advice about which metrics are most critical and how to enable only those? I am using a Enterprise 3.4 from an image Neo4j gave me, and I have run out of space because of all of the metrics. But if this is the default that you shipped, then I'm assuming that there's some use to having them. I don't want to disable all of them!

(Stefan Armbruster) #4

Choosing the metrics to be used is heavily depending on your demands.

If your main issue is running out of disc how about not writing metrics to csv files and instead streaming them directly to your prometheus, graphana ( or whatever you're using) ?

(Yyakovson613) #5

Good to know! If I'm not using anything like that yet, is there any benefit to generating the metrics? I mean, should I just disable them for now and delete the files?

(Stefan Armbruster) #6

if you don't need and don't use them then just disable metrics. Otherwise you'll waste space for nothing.