Google cluster VM disk space issue

anyone ran into issue on neo4j google cloud cluster vm ran out of the space..

i only have 66M database but the vm is 10G

The VM disk size is configurable when you launch, and the low default is to prevent over allocation.

You can either launch a new cluster with the appropriate sized disks, or you can resize your existing disks.

@david_allen, I see metrics is consuming lot of memory. I have 10G cluster setup and metrics already using 6.2G out of it. It seems metrics holding the csv files. I read the article on metrics will hold 7 set of csv for each category. If we disable the metrics on our GCP cluster , will there be any issues occur in the future. Thank you

Metrics can be disabled. You may also want to change the default settings for TX log rotation.

In general, Neo4j will need much more disk than the size of the actual graph, because it keeps things like log files, transaction logs (which tell you how to repair the database if you get into trouble) and so forth.

Because 10G was only the disk default, I would recommend you just resize the disk or add more disk space. Configuring neo4j to not keep important or useful files to save on the disk is probably not worth it, considering the disk is so cheap.