Disk repartitioning warnings on Google Cloud - not a problem

If you launch Neo4j on Google Cloud, you might see VM warnings that look like this:

Disk size: '200 GB' is larger than image size: '10 GB'. You might need to resize the root repartition manually if the operating system does not support automatic resizing. See https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/disks/persistent-disks#repartitionrootpd for details

I get asked questions about this from time to time, so I just thought I'd post this so folks find it by google.

This warning is not a problem and is no cause for concern. Certain legacy VMs require resizing the root partition to accommodate big disks, but the base VMs that we use for the Neo4j images (generally Ubuntu Xenial and later) have kernels which handle this no problem. Google is just issuing this warning out of an abundance of caution, but it can be safely ignored for Neo4j cloud instances, providing you're using our provided cloud VMs.

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Thanks, David! :heart: