How to directly export oracle db query output into CSV using call apoc.export.csv.query

Hello Team ,

I am in search of finding a way to directly export an ouput of oracle query into csv using call apoc.export.csv.query() in neo4j.

Please suggest.


apoc.export.csv.query would require its first argument to be a Cypher query which thus would query the data in Neo4j.
But if you want to export a Oracle query to CSV would you simply not use Oracle functionality to do so?

And if you are then to create the CSV is your intent to then read the CSV to populate Neo4j with the data? If so you could eliminate the need for CSV and simply use apoc.load.jdbc

Hello Dana,


Highly appreciates your quick reply with guidance.
Here Problem is while loading data to neo4j using jdbc , it is taking a lot of time.
Whereas loading data from csv is faster than jdbc load. Hence required.

Is it possible to do so?


1 of 2 options..

  1. figure out why apoc.load.jdbc is slow
  2. load using a CSV but Neo4j can not produce the CSV from a Oracle source. You would need Oracle fucntionality to create the CSV