How to Automate RDBMS(PostgreSQL) to Neo4j on AWS EC2

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe.

I am trying to automate loading from PostgreSQL to AWS EC2 (Neo4j server). Most of the cases are 1 for 1 migration usually. However, for my case, I have to go through the data mapping in between or after the loading the data into AWS from PostgreSQL.

So I've thought about loading data from PostgreSQL to possible staging area on AWS(Neo4j server) and do the data mapping and load them using Cypher on Neo4j browser.

  1. Could you guys please suggest best practice to automate loading from PostgreSQL to EC2(Neo4j) for my case?
  2. What should I prep/check before I start the process?
  3. Any suggestion, advice, documents or links would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time in advance.



Lee, I think you are mistaken by the forum, because that's the forum solely dedicated for Neo4j;

btw, what do you mean by loading procedure? Are you looking for a way to take a database dump? PostgreSQL by itself has few client tools that are available for you, i.e. psql. The easiest way to solve your problem (if I understand it correctly) is to use cron or cloud init to kick off your procedure on EC2 to fetch data from RDS.