How prepare CSV files?

Hello Everyone,

I need to developt a graph database with Neo4j. There is some point that are not very for me..
I understand how load CSV files in the database, how create nodes between the data, but what I don't understand if we have several CSV files, is how prepare the data ?

In example:
File 1 --> information.csv
columns --> project_name, date, equipment

File 2 --> raw_data.csv
columns --> temperature, Ph, volume

In my example, my 2 files are linked just by their name.

But to prepare my data before loading it in the database, does I need to reformat it like in a SQL database ? Like addind an id with primary or foreign key in my files ?

File 1 --> information.csv
columns --> project_id, project_name, date, equipment

File 2 --> raw_data.csv
columns --> project_id, temperature, Ph, volume

Thanks for your help. Regards

Check out our Developer Guide on loading CSVs into Neo4j: Importing CSV Data into Neo4j - Developer Guides

That walks through different methods (load-csv and admin import) and the right format for each :slight_smile: