Hi there - Here Paul Hernandez from Omnetric GmbH (Siemens Advanta) in Germany

Hi everyone,
my name is Paul Hernandez.
I have a large background in Business Intelligence technologies and Data Warehouse projects across different areas, from supply chain, marketing, sales, retail to utilities.
We are currently involved in some IoT projects and while working with knowledge graphs I started using neo4j. Somehow it was love at first sight :heart_eyes:
I hope we can learn from each other and have a great time together.
Best regards,

Hi Paul,

when I start to know Neo4j I was impressed from the academy:

The program for learning is progressive and have a long-time support, you can see better in the certification program : https://neo4j.com/graphacademy/neo4j-certification/

When you participate in the neo4j ninja program you will have access to advanced cypher training and related libraries and technologies.