Alfonso Martinez


I am a professional database administrator and database engineer. So, my focus for Neo4j is in database operations, database design, and database modeling. I imported or loaded the FreeDB and MusicBrainz databases to learn how to load data and to get a sense of the database internals and resource actuals. I am not developer and have no inclination to be a professional developer--though, I have development background and I do personal projects for my edification only. I am learning Neo4j and am designing and developing a personal database to house my library information to track all books, music, movies, and digital media and I will be developing a Graph App for my personal use as I learn JavaScript and Node.js.

In three words, 'I love Neo4j'. I earned the Certified Neo4j Professional certification and completed the Introduction to Neo4j & Neo4j Administration courses here. I also completed five other Neo4j, Cypher, Neo4j development with Node.js courses on Udemy learning platform.

See y'all around this forum!


Welcome to the forum Alfonso.
Congratulations on your journey so far, that sounds impressive !



Hi Alfonso!
Have anything you want to show off yet?
Congrats on getting certified!!! :smile: